Farewell Mavic

Farewell Mavic

LE SANG JAUNE – Merci Mavic


Just like the trail in the mountains life is made of paths, decision and obstacle. And sometimes to build you need to destroy and step back. You need to realise and think. And sometimes it just doesn’t work anymore.

My partnership with Mavic started with a ride in the Alps. A long 5 days ride across the French Alps and some awesome meetings. During that trip in 2011 I’ve met Michel and got introduced to more people from the bike industry. Michel works for Mavic and I liked to hang out with hime in between the ride, sharing stories of trips and mountaineering.

At this time Mavic was only about racing. And racing. But Michel liked my story and adventures, he decided to help me in my projects. Supporting me with wheels.

On the next year he gave me more wheels. And than some shoes and more. And one day Mavic decided to widen their world. They came to me to develop the mountain side of our sport, with product development and content creation.

My mission was to inspire and help building the best products to achieve your goals!

For the next 4 years, I was working a lot with the french brand and learning a lot. They offered me a support I’ve never had before, allowing me to develop my project and go ahead of my idea. I came with the concept of my webserie “The Quest” who saw a lot of destinations, situation and set up. A great time and a luck.

But things change and everything is always moving. Mavic also changes and I’m looking in a different conditions. So we were not able to find a way to keep working together and after 7 years of riding on the iconic black and yellow wheels, the story has found an end.

Thanks for the ride, for your trust and for the good memories.



ps: I still ride with Michel sometimes.